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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Postcard #1: Beliefs we should all live by

This postcard comes from Susan. She seems like a person of good beliefs. In this day and time we sometimes lose our beliefs and our faith in life. This saddens me, so it's great to hear from someone who has kept her beliefs through the hussel and bussel of life. Susan says she believes in a loving god, family, being a responsible person and especially love. Those things, in my opinion, are great things to believe in in life. Thanks for the wonderful postcard Susan!

<3 E
Keep em' coming! :)

(Susan--Please send me your country in a private message because I am not sure what it is.. This will ensure delievery of your return postcard. (I did attempt to send one to you though!))

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  1. I received you card of the photo you at the railroad crossing. I am in the good ole USA - North Carolina.