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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Postcard #9: Can you wiggle your ears?

Ear wiggling? I have only heard of it in movies. Apparently it's not as uncommon as I thought. Meet Stan, a 23-year-old studying to be an EMT. HBO was created in his area and he can wiggle his ears!! Isn't that so neat? I actually wish I could do that. Moving on, this postcard is of a carousel in Knoebels, a amusement park, Stan calls, "amazing." This particular carousel was made in 1913 and has 63 carmel horses, including 27 jumpers, 3 chariots and 18 standers. That's one big carousel! Stan signs his name with a quote: "All the effort in the world won't matter if you're not inspired." What a neat touch to end his postcard. Thanks Stan! <3e

Postcard #8: Giving the homeless a chance

Kendall, the sender of this postcard, is not only a people person, but a true people cruisader. She says she loves strangers and talking to random people. (I just love this girl! I wish there were more people like her in the world.) She wants to say "hi" to as many people as possible and studys Anthopology focused on the homeless. She often trades homeless people she sees on the street a dollar for thier name. What a cute idea. She got the idea from a homeless person in one of her studies. She lives in a town with old-fashioned drive-ins. She doesn't follow trends and loves real books as opposed to ereaders. Wow, this girl sounds just like me! :) Thanks Kendall! I hope you got some books for Christmas.. never give up reading! <3e

Postcard #7: Cigarettes, crabby neighbours and the latest news

Somehow this postcard rotated correctly.. I bet that's a sign! For what, I am not certain. Haha! This is another wonderfully crafted postcard from Lynn. She talks about the news that was on that night. What stood out for her was how the cuts to the United States Postal Service were being opposed by the Democrats. She calls snailmail a "vital service." I couldn't agree more. As for the cigarettes and her crabby neighbour... she gives cigarettes to her crabby neightbour to calm him down for awhile. What a great idea! I will keep it in mind for any future crabby smokers I meet. Thanks again Lynn! <3 e

Postcard #6: The gift of kindness

Lynn, the wonderful American Buddhist that sent this card, has sent another (see next entry)! Two postcards are on their way in return. She tells us that the big issue in Berkely, CA is the Occupy movement and the question of how we should make our society more fair. She notes that the University of California opened in 1868. (I didn't even know that the school had been around for so long!) She says 10 years later, in 1878, the town was named Berkeley. She ends with saying how 1000s of refugees from San Francisco fled to Berekely in 1906, after the big earthquake. The postcard she sent is very unique and cool. Thanks so much Lynn! :) <3e

Postcard #5: The town of Oil

The way these photos are being posted is odd.. I am so sorry! This postcard from another fellow walltype user, Randi, is of Tulsa area in OK, USA. Randi says the entire town of Glenn Pool and Bartlesville sit on oil fields. The oil in these fields, she says, are constantly producing oil. A man named Conoco Philps created Bartlesville basically on his oil enterprise. Randi ends the letter saying that it's not uncommon to see oil rigs in fields. What intresting history! Thanks Randi :) <3e

Postcard #4: Bottoms up in Greece

This up-side-down postcard from Greece is my fault. I still can't figure out the picture uploader.. maybe it's not the ghosts! Too bad, I was so excitied.. Anyway this postcard comes from, you guessed it, Greece. It actually is from a fellow user. She was sweet to send me this card! Have you guys heard of walltype? It's a great postcard-swapping site, but unfortunatly too many people have abused it and it's turned private. She tells me t,o "Enjoy the project to the fullest," Meaning Froufrou. She also meantions that froufrou is a "beautiful idea." How sweet! Thanks so much and happy swapping Alexandra! :) <3e

Postcard #3: A hauntingly good store!

For some reason this photo refuses to rotate.. maybe it's due from the history of this store! Becky writes that this bookstore, "The Moravian Book Shop," has quite a history. This store pre-dated the revolution and was founded in 1745. It is the oldest continously operating bookstore in the world. Get this, it also holds haunted tours near Halloween. Ghosts, books and history?! It sounds like my kind of place. Becky would agree, as she says it's one of her "favorite new haunts." How intresting is this place? I would love to visit it one day. Thanks so much Becky! Your return postcard is on its way :)! <3e

Postcard #2: An intresting view from Rhode Island!

Hello all! Next up is a postcard from Jesscia. She tells us that every summer in the capital city of Rhode Island, they have an event called "water fire." She explains it to be a relaxing event, in which fire pits are set up amongst rivers and music is played. She says lots of people go to it. Doesn't that sound fun? It's so nice to take time out of your busy schedual to go to events around you. What events are in your city? Jessica says Rhode Island is the smallest state in the USA. She said it takes up to two hours to drive from top to bottom and only an hour to drive from side to side! WOW! Smaller places are usually very peaceful. Thanks Jessica! I hope you have a great new year! <3 e

Postcard #1: Beliefs we should all live by

This postcard comes from Susan. She seems like a person of good beliefs. In this day and time we sometimes lose our beliefs and our faith in life. This saddens me, so it's great to hear from someone who has kept her beliefs through the hussel and bussel of life. Susan says she believes in a loving god, family, being a responsible person and especially love. Those things, in my opinion, are great things to believe in in life. Thanks for the wonderful postcard Susan!

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